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2 months ago

Update testcases by import CSV


I export Testcases into csv format 

I modify a label andthe name of the case for instance

I import it to zephyr scale by mapping each label, but the key has no label as key proposed

so as I import it it creates all the test cases instead of modifying it 

how to do please ?



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    Hi Slab1

    For the version of Zephyr /Jira i use which is a standalone data center product and not the Commercial Cloud implementation then ...  

    if your change is the same / identical  across all or Multiple test cases as shown in the test case screen then its possible to do a "Bulk Edit"

    to do this

    • select the test cases to be updated using the tick box at the left hand part of the test case row
    • at the top of the list , select the "More" menu option which then presents a drop down list.
    • from the dropdown list , select the option "Edit Test cases in bulk"  (note that if you don't select the test cases first, this option is greyed out)
    • one you have selected this option, a set of dialogue forms are presented to you which give you the option to amend content that exists already. The Label change is at the bottom of the first form . Enter the Content you wish to change / keep and click on Next and so on until you  confirm your option
    • Note : if you want to keep existing content as well add new then you have to re-enter the existing content .. and ALSO add new content as Zephyr takes a default "Replace" approach rather than "Add"

    Hope this helps 


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      thansk for your answer

      I know this method but each test case has got a different modification to do so I need to update by import ...

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    Hi slab1 

    Unfortunately it is not possible to update test cases by export/import.  An import always creates new test cases.  Other options are:

    • The one that JohnO suggested (you can use the Filter option to also help with refining which tests are selectable)
    • Use the relevant API for your instance (Cloud or Server) which have a Test Case PUT endpoint that enables the update of test cases (links below)
    • If you haven't executing the tests yet, you could use the export/import option to refine your tests until you are ready to start using them.  Once you start executing the tests they will generate an execution record that will be lost if you export/import - as you know, it will create a new key

    API links:

    Cloud version

    Server version

    Best, Andy