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5 months ago

Test execution scorecard by test cycle - Sort order does not make sense

This appears to sort bases on an arbitrary folder id instead of something useful. Can this report be made to sort on the date of the Test Cycle or Test Cycle name. Also, when exporting data, would it be possible to just export this data, instead of all the underlying data. 

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    Unfortunately we're still waiting for some filtering controls to help sort reports by fields.  You could suggest this feature in the roadmap portal which you can find here - it would get my vote!


    It's also not possible to export the report data as it appears on-screen but you could experiment with the Print option and perhaps printing to PDF, or the XPS Document writer, or OneNote might help.  There are probably other print driver options out there that enable you to print to another file type like Excel, etc., which might also be an option to consider.