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3 years ago

Search for tests

can you please advice is there a possibility to serch for multiple test cases in the Zephyr Scale?
Later I want e.g to label them, add to the cycle, or do some bulk changes.

I have some tests, e.g with keys t1 , t2, ..
If I type "t1" in the search it shows me result, "t2" - also works as expected.
But when I type "t1 t2" - no results are found.

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    I can't find a way to do this using the search bar either.  Perhaps the Filter option might help you narrow down some of the test cases but if not, you can export the details of all test cases into a CSV file and you can at least find them in that way, and if you know how to use the API, I'm assuming you can manage/update those specific test cases.


    Good luck!