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4 years ago

JQL filters on TMFJ issues



Is it possible to create some JQL filter on JIRA bugs which are linked to some testcycle or testplan from TMFJ?

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  • Hi Bozda,


    Zephyr Scale Server has capabilities for using their custom JQL functions. Please find more information on this page:


    Specifically for Test Cycles, you can write JQLs like these:

        project = MGS and issue in hasLinkedTestCycle()

        project = MGS and issue in hasAllLinkedTestCyclesWithAllLastTestResults("Pass")


    Unfortunately, there are no functions for querying Test Plans though. Also, Zephyr Scale Cloud doesn't have such capabilities.


    I hope that helps!

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      hasLinked queries are good only for identifying which issues are connected with some cycle or not, but this is not for exactly defined which the key of cycle is this query is almost unusable... 😞

      Thats a pity...


      I know about option to  via TMFJ report - 

      Issues reported during testing (list) - but i am not able to specify filtr for example only for Not closed defects/issues...

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        I see...


        What exactly is the question you need answering? Is it "give me the bugs not yet closed and linked to test cycle XYZ"?

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      Hi, vpelizza is there any expectation to have the issues report on the cloud version? 


      Thank you. 

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        Hi tbsantos ,


        I think your question is not related to this thread. Also, we won't be able to give updates on the roadmap status here in the community. I suggest following the same link to the ideas portal mentioned on the last comment for better visibility on what's coming and vote on ideas you believe will make the product better.