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2 years ago

Schema Filter based on Method



I'm trying to set an ISchemaFilter for my API that will return a different Model Schema for different methods, depending on which properties of the model each method needs to process. Say I have 


public class Dog
  public int Legs;
  public double GoodBoiBarksThisLoud;


and then 2 POST methods 


public async Task<IActionResult> ShowMeThoseLegs([FromBody]Dog sexyDog);
public async Task<IActionResult> Bark([FromBody]Dog loudDog);


There's no need for Swagger to show property info for Legs in the description of Bark, yet both target the same model object and it makes sense (imo) to pass the whole model object class as parameter, otherwise I'd have to split into subclasses which I find somehow not the best. (Think bigger here of course, my actual model has dozens of properties 😃


What I would like to achieve is the following


...AddSwaggerGen(c => {
public class DogSwaggerFilter : ISchemaFilter
  public void Apply(OpenApiSchema schema, SchemaFilterContext context)
    var method_name = getMethod("But how?");

    if (method_name == "Bark")
      // return sub-schema of Dog with just property GoodBoiBarksThisLoud
    else if (method_name == "ShowMeThoseLegs")
      // return sub-schema of Dog with just property Legs


Which seems like it should be possible, the Filter.Apply seems to be getting called for each property of the model as many times as methods my API has implemented, so the reference to the method is in the background somewhere, just not publicly exposed.


Ideas? Can it be done? Thx in advance.