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3 years ago

Is it possible to export test evidence along with test execution results

Hi Guys

 Within Zephyr scale there is a "Test execution results (detailed)" Report   but is there anyway of exporting any test evidence along with the test execution .  reason I am asking is that we have to provide test details to an external vendor rather than gathering the Test execution results (detailed) report and then manually adding test evidence I am hoping you can help me out with a super solution .



Am i  asking for too much , no I think it's a reasonable request but happy for you to  educate me otherwise-  


Thanks in advance 

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  • After checking all the reports, none export test evidence (attachments, comments, etc), only test execution results (pass/fail) and any defects raised. You could possibly export the test execution details report and manually add in the test evidence.


    You can add this as a feature request here: