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4 years ago

How to save and share reports?

Some of the reports are available and gadgets and can be saved to a dashboard and thereby shared to other users. There are however lots of reports (e.g. Traceability report) which I do not find as an...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Johan,


    After producing the report, you can copy the URL and share that.  Each time the URL is loaded, it will dynamically update the report from the source data.


    Another tip that might help is within the report URL, you should see the key of the criteria that you are using, e.g. Test Cycle.  You can manually change that part of the URL for another Test Cycle Key to run the same report on another cycle of your choice.  This works in many parts of the system and is also useful for navigating between issues or test cases for example.


    Regards, Andy