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4 years ago

Copying test cases partially fails


I'm importing test cases from one TM4J project to another, using these steps:

1. Go to destination db, create folder structure

2. Click on "Import from other projects"

3. Search / find test cases and move them to import section

4. Click on NEXT few times ... then IMPORT

5. Only 8 of the test cases are copied over, 5 are missing.


I have searched the destination project, not finding the missing cases.

Searched this forum and google, not able to see similar issue.  Anyone ever see this?  Thanks,

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    Hey tgiambra that's unexpected indeed.


    I'm trying to understand more. Do you want to import 13 Test Cases in total?.


    In the last step of the import wizard. How many test cases it shows? 8 or 13?


    I mean in the following screen:





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      Hello felipe-munhoz Thank you for the response.  Here's a screen shot of the test case selection (13 test cases to be copied)


      Here's just before I IMPORT:

      Here's the target folder showing 13 test cases (the "Me Tab" subfolder), but only 8 test cases make it (see the 8 to in the actual folder):

      Here is after a refresh ... now the "Me Tab" shows the 8 test cases which is what actually got copied.  Not sure why it fails on remaining 5?  



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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        Hi tgiambra, thanks for the detailed information.


        I'm not able to understand what's happening. It should import all of them as expected.


        In this case, the support team would help you more, so you can provide details like logs or errors that might be happening.


        Please raise a ticket here:


        Zephyr Scale Server/Data Center Support


        I hope it can be sorted quickly.