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2 years ago

Zephyr automation


1. Running zephyr automation using folder watch, what is the file we uploading? Is it testexcution.xml file? if so which field in XML tells Zephyr which test case was executed?

2. How Zephyr identifies which test script is executed when we use folder watcher/any automation technique.  Thanks in Advance


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  • In the case of the JUnit parser (I haven't tried the other parsers, nor setup a custom parser yet), the test is linked using the value in the <testcase ....... name="xxxxx" .......> in the XML.  


    FWIW -- We are actually post-processsing the XML file to update that, so it has the full name (including the contents of the <testcase ....... classname="yyyyy" .......>) rather than just the short name, because that is the way we have named them in our Zephyr test repository.  It is a fairly simple transform - e.g. in PowerShell we use this snippet 


    # find all "testcase" nodes, and update the "name" part to include "classname" as well
    #    because that's how we named the test cases in the Zephyr Enterprise
    $matchingNodes = $xml.SelectNodes("//testcase")
    foreach ($node in $matchingNodes) {
        $node.SetAttribute("name", $node.classname + "." + $



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    Did u get the solution go thru please let me know I am using test suite thx