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4 years ago

A.T.O.M always creates new test cases. Can we even update execution results for existing test cases.

Hi, I know that A.T.O.M always creates new test cases. Can we even update execution results for existing test cases. If I already have a requirements-> test cases traceability matrix, we often need t...
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    4 years ago

    Hi @Manmeet Chadha 

    Zephyr identifies whether TestCase is created by A.T.O.M or not by below jql

    jql: project="xyz" and Issuetypeid="1234" and summary ~"abc" and labels="ZFJ_Automation"
    note: here 1234 is test issue type id

    if test case matches the above query then it will not create duplicate TestCase, if doesn't matches then it will create new test case and it will create the execution

    I suggest below things to do to avoid duplicate test cases creation
    1. Change your manual tase to automation test case by updating the label for existing test cases : ZFJ_Automation (Case sensitive)
    2. Make sure your test case summary matches same as your ATOM results file
    3. Now execute the atom task and check it won't create duplicate test cases

    To avoid duplicate execution and update existing execution creation
    1. Use the existing cycle or folder while creating/editing the automation task, this will update the latest results in same cycle/folder for every run and you can see the difference in execution history

    For example I'm attaching sample Junit file which consists of 3 test cases

    1. name="should default path to an empty string"
    2. name="should default consolidate to true"
    3. name="should default useDotNotation to true"

    Imagine you have already testcases present with the above names in your jira now you have updated the 1st 2 test cases with label ="ZFJ_Automation" and if you will execute then A.T.O.M will create only 3rd test case as duplicate since it doesn't have label ZFJ_Automation