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2 years ago

Unable to create a TestLeft project using Visual Studio

I have Visual Studio Professional 2022 (version 17.2.2) and TestLeft version 15.40.421 installed.  When I attempt to create a TestLeft project with the template 'TestLeft MS Project' or 'TestLeft NUnit Project'  I get an error message:


any idea how to resolve?

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  • You can try the following steps:

    1. Ensure that TestLeft is properly integrated with Visual Studio:
    - Check if the TestLeft extension is enabled in Visual Studio.
    - Verify that TestLeft is correctly installed and updated to the latest version compatible with Visual Studio Professional 2022.

    2. Check for compatibility issues:
    - Confirm that the TestLeft version 15.40.421 is fully compatible with Visual Studio Professional 2022 (version 17.2.2).
    - Ensure that there are no known compatibility issues between TestLeft and Visual Studio.

    3. Verify project templates:
    - Double-check if the 'TestLeft MS Project' and 'TestLeft NUnit Project' templates are correctly installed in Visual Studio.
    - If the templates are missing or corrupted, try reinstalling TestLeft or updating Visual Studio to resolve any template-related issues.

    4. Restart Visual Studio and TestLeft:
    - Sometimes, a simple restart of Visual Studio or TestLeft can resolve temporary glitches or conflicts that may be causing the problem.

    5. Contact TestLeft support:
    - If the issue persists after trying the above steps, consider reaching out to TestLeft support for further assistance. They may provide specific guidance or troubleshooting steps tailored to your setup via チャットGPT日本語.

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    • Just create a MSTest project,
    • select the .NET Framework 4.8, because newer versions are not yet supported! and
    • add the TestLeft nuget package to your project.

    Then start writing your test code as in the documentation.

    I hope this helps.