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2 years ago

Add OpenApps_UIA_ListOfAcceptedWindows to TestLeft project


During my initial usage of TestComplete, I encountered an issue where I couldn't identify objects in the application under test. However, I found a solution to this problem by adding "*" to the list of accepted windows in the project settings. To do this, you can navigate to Project settings > Open Application > UI Automation > List of accepted windows.

By adding "*" to the list of accepted windows, the data "<row val0="True" val1="*" />" is appended to the setting "OpenApps_UIA_ListOfAcceptedWindows" (in the .mds project file). This modification allowed me to successfully identify objects in the application under test.

After a few days, I discovered that TestLeft closely matched my testing requirements. However, I faced the same initial issue of object identification. To overcome this problem, I opened my TestComplete project in TestExecute, but this workaround is not ideal. Ideally, I would like to find a way to add the OpenApps_UIA_ListOfAcceptedWindows setting to my TestLeft project.

Is it possible to include the "OpenApps_UIA_ListOfAcceptedWindows" setting, which I had in my TestComplete project, in my TestLeft project?


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