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9 years ago

SmartBear Announces New Developer Focused Test Automation Tool!

Hello Everyone!


We are really excited to announce the launch of SmartBear new test product TestLeft! 


Who is TestLeft for?

  • Developers who are writing tests within IDEs such as Visual Studio, in programming languages such as C#.

What value it provides:

  • Reduce test creation time:  TestLeft provides visual tools that enable developers to quickly identifying correct object properties, thereby accelerating test design.  Developers can even generate test code by a simple drag and drop. Furthermore, access to built-in methods and classes is available for code completion and faster scripting.
  • Fits right into Continuous Integration process: TestLeft fits really well within your existing Dev and QA ecosystems. It works with Source Control Management (SCM) systems such as Team Foundation Server or Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins.
  • Work within IDEs: Create functional automated tests in your favorite IDEs such as Visual Studio. This minimizes context switching for developers and prevents the need to move to a different testing platform.
  • Support for multiple technologies: TestLeft comes with support for multiple technologies, including .NET, WPF, Windows Native, Java, Web among others.
  • Improve collaboration between dev and test: Developers can run TestLeft tests right from the IDE or they can bring TestLeft tests within TestComplete in order for consumption by other QA team members.
  • Scale your testing efforts: Run multiple TestLeft test simultaneously in a test lab, virtual machines, or even cloud.

Go here to download free trial of TestLeft:


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