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7 months ago

Audit Log for User Addition/Removal from the project.



From the discussion with Smar Bear's Enterprise Support Team - it's been concluded that no data getting logged with respect to any user addition or removal from the Zephyr Enterprise Project. 



[1] A project can be created in Zephyr Enterprise

[2] the above step gets logged in Audit.

[3] The project administrator has the option to add/remove users to the project

[4] For the above actions - [3] - No logs are currently available in ZETM Audit logs.


If step [4] is available, then any sort of reporting can be generated on the consumer end. 


Please include this minor feature. Much appreciated. 

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    Dear SmartBear Team,

    Kindly consider adding a feature to log user addition/removal actions in Zephyr Enterprise Project for comprehensive auditing. Currently, steps like project creation get logged, but actions such as adding or removing users lack audit logs. Including this functionality would greatly enhance reporting capabilities for users. Your attention to this minor feature addition is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Best regards studynumberone.