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8 years ago

Aliases or NameMapping in Test left

Hi All,


I am new to testleft and still finding my feet.


I am trying to automate our system, it’s similar to msword with more features on it. I am trying to open a document click inside the document and type in something. Found it so hard to automate this in test left.


But when I recorded in Test Complete, the script was as below and was easy. In VB Script, I was able to access lot more objects with no type casting. I think the magic happens here “Aliases.Trinity.HwndSource_Shell.Shell.RadDocking.RadSplitContainer.RadPaneGroup”. It’s the mapping repository that helps to find the objects easily. Can I get to do the same in the Test left in C#, if not possible like this directly is there a way to get the RadPaneGroup all objects as VB script object ?


Sub Test1
Dim radPaneGroup
Set radPaneGroup = Aliases.Trinity.HwndSource_Shell.Shell.RadDocking.RadSplitContainer.RadPaneGroup
Call radPaneGroup.Page.Click(156, 179)
Call radPaneGroup.Caret.Keys("This is a test")
End Sub


To get the same in test left I did the below. But I don’t know how can I get the caret in test left no clue. Could you help me in this please ?


Wish I could get the Mapping repository in test left. Can I not have an identified object short in lest left ? 


Could any one help please ? Thanks in Advance.


IWPFPopupMenuOwner page = driver.Find<IProcess>(new ProcessPattern()
ProcessName = "Trinity",
Index = 1
}).Find<IWPFPopupMenuOwner>(new WPFPattern()
ClrFullClassName = "KPMG.TMT.Trinity.Shell.Views.Shell"
}, 2).Find<IWPFPopupMenuOwner>(new WPFPattern()
ClrFullClassName = "Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadDocking"
}, 2).Find<IWPFPopupMenuOwner>(new WPFPattern()
ClrFullClassName = "Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadSplitContainer",
WPFControlOrdinalNo = 4
}).Find<IWPFPopupMenuOwner>(new WPFPattern()
ClrFullClassName = "Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadPaneGroup"
}).Find<IWPFPopupMenuOwner>(new WPFPattern()
ClrFullClassName = "Telerik.Windows.Documents.UI.Page"
}, 10);


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