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14 years ago

window names


Somehow the names of the objects of my tested application are changed in the object browser. The window names looks like shown in attached image. something like garbage names.

Not sure what i did wrong?

Because of this my named mapping fails and script fails.

Any idea?



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    It didnt help.. i updated the tcClrHook.dll

    but still the same behavior ..window names are not as expected..


  • Hello,

      The fix mentioned before should be applied only to TC 7.52. If you are using TC 8, it's necessary to restore it. If you have created a backup before applying the fix, use this backup. Otherwise, reinstall TestComplete to restore the original version of the tcClrHook.dll  file.

      Try disabling the "*" option in the project MSAA settings. If the problem remains, please create a new project suite and record a simple script with the tested application. Then pack the entire project suite and send it to Support. In addition to that, tell us the exact version of TestComplete you are using (Help | About).