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12 years ago

Will TestComplete Support Internal wait technique after click on link

Hi Smartbear Team/ Users,

Will TestComplete Tool support internal wait time until page redirects to next page


1. If page contais 2 links

2. In Home page i click on 1st link, then page will redirects to some page

3. Now i will click browser back

4. Now page will be redirect to Home page, now i will click 2nd link in Home page

Now my question is when i click on 1st link it will redirects to next page,

at the time of redirects will TestComplete wait until page redirects to next page ?

or externally we have to write wait() method

In my experience TestComplete is not waiting until page gets redirect, it forcing me to write wait method

Is there any option to make TestComplete wait untill page redirects to next page without writing wait() method

pls let me know is there any option to wait until page redirects without external script

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