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2 years ago

Will SmarBear only issue “ID-based” license type for newly purchased TestComplete licenses?

I heard from my coworker that SmarBear will only issue “ID-based” license type for newly purchased TestComplete licenses. Would you please confirm this?

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    Assume that multiple TestComplete ID-Based floating licenses are purchases and used for the instances installed on VMs in a Cloud. I am not going to SmearBear's Online License management system. Is it okay to install the license manager on a VM in the Cloud? If the license manager VM changes (e.g. restart/hardware change/redeploy etc.) in the future, will the change cause issue for licensing? If there will be issues, are there any workarounds?




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      Here's the contact information from the link I posted earlier. Your licensing questions are best answered there:


      Need assistance?

      If you have questions or need assistance with the new licenses, please contact our Customer Care Team or Sales Representative:

      If you use the Web form, then when submitting your request, specify the Licensing Inquiry request type. This will help us process your request faster. We will answer you via email and all further communication will be made via email. However, to start the conversation, please use the Web form.