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10 years ago

When is video recording being supported in TestComplete?

I would like to have a video recording session started when tests are run (the tests are run at night unmanned), so that I can check/watch the video at morning, for the results.

Currently, TestComplete is not supporting starting/recording video recording sessions.

Does anyone have a good working approach for this?

Also, does anyone know if TC's roadmap includes video recording (of the tested (web)application), in the future?


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    *** SETTINGS ****


    - "Tools > Current Project Properties"

    - CLR Bridge

    - At 'Browser Files', navigate to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression 4\Encoder SDK" and select the file "Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.dll"




    *** SCRIPT EXAMPLE ****


    function record(record){


      var video = dotNET.Microsoft_Expression_Encoder_ScreenCapture.ScreenCaptureJob.zctor


      if (record){

        video.OutputScreenCaptureFileName = "C:/Videos/test.wmv";







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    Hi Mathijs,


    There are many screen capture tools that allow recording a video. You can automate this process and make TestComplete run this tool at the beginning of the test and stop it after performing the last action.


    BTW, we have a corresponding suggestion in our DB - I've increased its rating based on your request. Thanks.


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    Thanks for this info Leonardo.

    By the way, I have used NCH's Debut Video Capture software (provided by NCH Software), which allows command driven starting/stopping of recording.

    Worked well and could save recorded videos in multiple formats.

    Disadvantage is that it's not free software :(
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    thank you for your reply.

    What are the experiences with the video recording tools available?

    Anyone have a good idea of which tool to use for recording video in the background?

    What settings (videoformat etc), to use?

    Any ideas and suggestions are welcome...
  •  You're welcome Mathijs.


    If NCH's Debut Video Capture become a problem for you in the future, Encoder is free.