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3 years ago

What is the best approach to Interacting with applications on other computers on the network

My question is not in regards to running my tests on multiple computers. This is a question about how I can interact with applications on a computer while running a test on a separate computer. Let me give a general explanation of our setup to help make this clear. 


We have a redundant system that is hosted on 2 servers. Let's call them Server 1 and Server 2. We then have other computers that are workstations that run the application. This is where I will be running my tests.  So if I want to trigger an event and verify it occurred, the manual process would be to go to the Server that is currently acting as primary and trigger the event. Then I would go to a workstation and verify the event is displayed.  Is there a way to tell TestComplete to go perform certain actions on other machines on the network for a given test? I thought Network Suite might do it but everything I read says it is depreciated.  

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