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3 years ago

Web Menu Dropdowns Clicks randomly selecting from the menu dropdowns

I am attempting to do menu dropdown selections testing. The menu is itself a textnode until it gets populated by the menu option.

When I recorded the original test the menus that I selected populated the menu title with that name. 


On a regular basis I will have tests that will have menu options that have various names various menus departments and other menu clicks

fields the drop list is always changing depending on what was selected from a previous menu option. So one menu option

can affect what is in another menu's options. 


I need to test these dropdown fields randomly and I will not know what is in the dropdown fields. Is there away to do this within TestComplete.

Or is there a listing of example code that I can add to the unit script?

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    Is it something like this?


    Dropdown1 options



    Dropdown2 options

    if dropdown1 = A, dropdown 2 is  D,E,F

    if dropdown1 = B, dropdown 2 is  G,H,I

    if dropdown1 = C, dropdown 2 is  J,K,L

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      It looks like 


      Source = blank

      Then I click on the textnode and the dropdown appears with the various

      options in this case Source on possible referrals.


      In other menu options there is actual names involved however, they are all textnodes. 

      Some of the fields do have key clicks which is how you name the item

      And comments fields where you can go into detail.

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        I suggest that you record a test that manually goes through the steps you want to cover, in order to get the framework built.  Do this for one or two example sets of data so you can see the pattern of the test. Then you can decide if tables or csv or variables or something else will do what you want with the various data.