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2 years ago

Warning ; "The action may be performed incorrectly, because the control is disable" in close VM mode

Hello Everybody,
I have a warning when running my scenario in "CloseVM" console mode...
The scenario works fine when running on an open screen (no error, no warning).

What can produce this warning and how to deal with ...?

I sometime add "delays" of few seconds to get ride of this, but is there another/better way...

Thanks in advance for your help

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      "CloseVM" is a script added by a colleague to simute an open screen on a VM...

      I'll check the link

      Thank you !

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    So "CloseVM" as opposed to "OpenVM", opens a screen on the VM? The object that you are interacting with, is it on screen and visible? I.e. not obscured by another object and not out of screen coordinates. When playing back, can you see the automation working?

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      Yes, "CloseVM" is the opposite of "OpenVM" !

      it manages the closure of a VM's screen, but the script can running as if you can see the screen.

      It works for most of my scenario, but sometime I have warning...