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12 years ago

WaitProperty method always waiting auto-timeout instead of wait time parameter

Hi all,

upon login in into my application, I have to wait in the scripts until a specific field exists.

I use the following code:

MyObject.WaitProperty("Exists", true, 5000);

The problem is, that no matter what timeout time I enter, waiting time is always 10 seconds as defined as auto-timeout in the project.

Am I using this function incorrectly? What do I have to change to make the application wait 2 min or so?

Kind regards,


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    Hi Tanya,

    i tried different ways, but neither was satisfying.

    The best until now was like this:

    var DBFieldExists = false;

    var i = 1000;

    while ((DBFieldExists == false) && (i>0))


      if (Aliases.FContainerFormLogin.TWCAxSession.PanelBody.cbDatabaseInstance.Exists == true)

        DBFieldExists = true;



      delay(500, "waiting until database field exists...");


    When I run this with TestExecute I get an error posted to the log for every loop if "Aliases.FContainerFormLogin.TWCAxSession.PanelBody.cbDatabaseInstance.Exists == true" fails!

    I think it is wrong to write an error to the log when I am checking if the object exists and it does not exist.

    What can I do?


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    Hi Joachim,


    As you are using Name Mapping in your test, you need to use the WaitAliasChild method to get the object that is appearing when executing a test. Here is the example:

    if (Aliases.FContainerFormLogin.TWCAxSession.PanelBody.WaitAliasChild("cbDatabaseInstance", 3000).Exists)


      //the cbDatabaseInstance object is available for testing



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    Thanks a lot.

    I got another solution but this was not as good as yours!