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7 years ago

Visual Studio Integration - Unable to initialize TestExecute. The product is not installed properly.



I try to use the Visual Studio Integration of TestComplete.

I have a connected TC Project.

I installed the integration package, but need some extra file copy, to display the test case in the VS TestExplorer, as a other support call suggestet.

After copy the files, for the Visual Studio Integration the test is shown in the TestExplorer.

But if a try to execute the tests, the error "Unable to initialize TestExecute. The product is not installed properly." occurs.


I have TC  12.42.3048.7 x64

Visual Studio 2017 - 15.6.2


It seems that the VS integration doesn't work correctly.



Stephan Ebersbach


  • My Solution for this problem was a modification in the TestComplete.exe manifest and all other tc* manifests


    As it is descripted in artical configuring-manifests.


    I changed the property uiaccess = false




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