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8 years ago

Value dispose cannot be called while doing creaHandle()

Hi All, I am running recorded script when my script reach to a form where we preview the report, once script click the Preview button on the form I am getting this message "Value dispose cannot be ...
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    8 years ago

    Or it may just be a bug in the application you're testing. Plain and simple.


    It's possible.


    Remember, the point of testing anything is to expose flaws. That's what testing is.


    So when automated testing, your automated tests, ideally, should cope if the application starts failing and throwing errors at you.


    Which yours is.


    There's nothing wrong with TestComplete here.


    The problem is either the application or your script. Or possibly a combination of the two.


    But ideally, your script/test structure/framework should cope with this. Automated tests can run for hours. Mine do. Not much use if an application failure stops it in it's tracks 5 minutes in! If the application fails in mine, there is a failure routine it drops into which checks a series of things, types of crashes that can happen etc, and then tidies everything up, restarts things, logs all the appropriate info, and carries on.


    If it just gave up and stopped, no-one would ever use my automated tests!