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9 years ago

Using vb script, how to create/convert an XML file format that is supported by Storages object?

Dear Experts,


XML Format created using Test Complete's Storages object is different from the XML format created using vb script.

Can any one help me how do we create an XML file using vb script, that has same format as that of XML created by Storages object. So in Project specific script units we could simply use Storages object to retrieve the data from XML file which is created by vb script and whose format is changed to format supported by Storages object.


Note: Reason why i am using vb script to create XML file is - i am using XML file read/write operatios in Script Extensions, to store the test data. We know that Storages object is not supported in Script Extension/Plug-in. i just used the vb script to create xml file inside the 'Script extensions'. But after installing the script extension in any test complete project, and using Storages object, when i tried to retrieve the data from xml (that was created using vb script) it is not working as the XML file formats created by Storages object and VB Scripts are different. So we need to have a mechanism that convert format supported by Storages object to read.



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