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7 months ago

Using SessionCreator AND Visual Studio Test in ADO Pipeline

I really liked the integration and logging that the VS Test task had for running TestExecute tests in a ADO pipeline but I needed an active user session so I am using SessionCreator to trigger the session and test run via a batch file. 

I'm not seeing a way to use SessionCreator to start a session but the TestComplete test adapter and VS Test tasks to actually run the tests in that open session. 

Seems like it's one or the other?  I couldn't get a working solution using an interactive/auto-logon agent as I needed a user session and couldn't just keep one always open on my machine. 


Anyone using SessionCreator with VS test? 



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    With SessionCreator, the machine should either have auto login enabled "Make sure that the user account has a non-empty password. Otherwise, SessionCreator will not be able to open a session.". Or use tscon to disconnect from the remote machine, active session will remain (see Running Tests via Remote Desktop)


    You should be able to use a batch file or PowerShell script to launch TC/TE/SC via VS Test.