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2 years ago

Using HIWARE (Windows server Test Execute)

Hello. these days I'm using Test Execute on Windows server. 

 I can open the Windows server using two method.

One is.. windows search window- search the 'Remote Desctop Connection' - Put my IP, ID and PW. 

another is .. using HIWARE. So I install the 'HIWARE' software and Put my ID&PW > Put my IP and PW 

the problem occured when i using the HIWARE. 

When I using the HIWARE My automation test.. doesn't work. 


When server window preserved at the pc, automation test success. 

but when i using the jenkins or Window task scheduler, automation test failed. 

the error message is 'point ~ ' 

in my opinion, the problem occured because 'resolution' .
when i remote start (using jenkins or task scheduler) windows server's chrom window resolution seems like awkward.
that's not the my last resolution.
can i set up the chrome window resolution in the Test complete test steps?

How can i resolve this problem? 

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