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3 years ago

Unable to Run the script in Remote Desktop servers

Hi Team,


This is Satyanarayana. I am working on web application and I have developed the script in my local machine using Test Complete 14.0 . I am able to run all my test cases without fail, where as in remote machine each and every test cases are failing due to objects are identified in different coordinates. In my script I have used completely  xpath and queryselectors to identify the objects. Can someone provide the solution for my issue.




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    Using coordinates frequently causes the problems you are seeing.  Try changing to using an object property instead of coordinates as identification and that should make your test more flexible.

  • Hi satyam 


    A specific example might help here. Would you be able to share a test or log that is failing?


    Some common pointers can be found here - Handling the 'Object Not Found' Errors  


    As Marsha_R mentions, using object properties will make your tests more robust. Check your project is configured to use XPath and CSS selectors for web objects (Tools > Current Project Properties > Open Applications > Web Testing > Use XPath and CSS selectors...)


    Hope this helps


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    Are you sure that the remote servers have the correct licence to run Web testing?