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4 years ago

Unable to handle a Frame in Desktop application


Generally, Dropdown items will be captured in an array format, by which we will be able to get all item properties and methods. But for this object, it displays the objects in Frame as like below, and we are unable to fetch the properties like wItemcount, wItems, WItemText, etc.




The image of the frame is given below.


  • Hi,


    Then I would talk to developers and ask them what control was used for this combo-box. It well might be not a standard combo-box but, say something custom or even COM- or ActiveX component.


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    If you are not able to add a particular class to help TestComplete read these values, I suggest you to:


    enable Text Recognition ->

    find all TextObjects inside this drop-down list ->

    put it inside Array ->

    and you are ready to work.

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      Can you please post the Object spy snap.


      Try finding any property like Items? or anything related.

      But as Wamboo suggested I think text object should also work as last option.

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        Thanks for the reply. Let me try and come back to you

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      This isn't actually a dropdown, its more like a frame. Let me try the steps you given and come back to you. Thanks.


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    What language the tested application is developed with? Is this pure old VisualBasic or VB .Net ?