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10 years ago

Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("firefox").

Hi there,

So today I was working on a project in TestComplete, I stopped for a little while, and then when I came back to TestComplete I was unable to do anything in Firefox using TestComplete. Whenever I would run a script I would get the following error message:


Absolutely bizzare. I couldn't imagine what would possibly cause this issue. Additional Info only pointed to the help page on solving the "Unable to Find Object" error, which of course didn't help at all. I read another thread that suggested downlaoding the most recent Firefox patch. I tried this approach and replacing the dll file, but this didn't work either.

When I try doing this with Internet Explorer though, it works fine. And if I start recording a new script choosing Firefox as the browser, for some reason then it will work?

Could anybody help me out on this issue?

Thank you,

Samuel Parsons

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