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15 years ago

Unable to find object

TestComplete Version

IE Version

OS Windows

Test language VB  Script


When I try to click
or verify objects in a dialog window my test  fails with an Unable to find
object Item(" .......


I have confirmed
with object explorer that the correct labels are being used, objects in the
window that invokes the dialog verify OK. The refresh routine is called after the dialog appears just in case the connection has been lost.

I even tried recording that section of the test, on playback it fails with the same message.


Does anybody have
any suggestions?




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  • Hi Damian,

    I need to know the exact error message and the content of the Remarks page for this message. Also, I need to know what exact line generates this error message. Could you please provide me with this information?

  • I have found the error a delay is required in what appears to be unrelated code

    FYI here are the details

    Here is the relevant
    section of the working code (see workingcode.jpg)

    This test works

    Now using the following code (see failing_code.jpg)

    Causes the test to fail if the Delay(5000) is not used

  • Hi Damian,

    I think that, when the 'Insert Sales Order' button is clicked by the problematic line, a new page is loaded. Although there is a delay in 10 seconds, this time can be not enough for the page to be completely loaded, and therefore, TestComplete tries to work with the page before it is ready. Call the Page.Wait method after navigating to a new page to make TestComplete wait until the page is completely loaded. You can find more information in the 'Page.Wait' and 'Waiting For Page' help topics.