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5 years ago

Unable to access (Verify/Execute) a VM for parallel testing



I am facing a situation where am not able to decide, where the problem lies. Consider the following situation:


1. Happy Case: I am able to access a VM machine and execute test cases on it using TestCompelte successfully. This VM (created using Oracle Virtual Box) is hosted on a local server.

2. Issue Case: The GSO (Global Server Ops) team has provided me a VM and TestCompelte is not able to access this machine. I am attaching a screenshot. I have tried accessing this machine using both Local and Network user. I am manually able to Remote Desktop this machine using both users.


Where is the issue?




Obaid Shirwani 

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    5 years ago



    > Is there a way, TestComplete may develop a feature to solve such hurdles?

    I am not employed by SmartBear and cannot speak for them. If you like you may ask Support directly via the form.

    My personal opinion is that this is nearly to impossible. Just because this is the built-in OS security/legal feature.

    Depending on the level of permissions that you have for your test machines, you may consider, for example, to keep machines in not-locked state (if this is possible).

    Another possible approach (which requires local administrative permissions for the test machines) is to create a scheduled task that triggers on OS start. The task should delete registry entries that trigger display of the Legal Notice window. (I don't have relevant registry path at hand as we speak but you may either Google it or let me know and I will post it here.)


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    Just to double check: No additional windows (e.g. with Legal Notice that you are accessing remote resource that...) are displayed when you perform RDP login into GSO-provided VM, isn't it?

    Just a plain RDP login dialog with user name, domain and password, right?