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14 years ago

Testing Silverlight Applications

I need to create scripts for a Silverlight application used through an Internet Explorer browser.  When attempting to make my Silverlight application open to TestComplete by using the tcAgPatcher.exe utility, the following error message displays: 

Invalid number of parameters in the command line.

Usage: tcAgPatcher [/silent] [/noBackup] xapfile

/silent - silent mode, display no message boxes;

/noBackup - do not make backup of original file.

Does anyone know the steps that I need to take in order to make TestComplete recognize my Siverlight application?


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  • Hi Melissa,

    Brackets mean an optional parameter, you need not use them in the actual command line. Also, xapfile must be replaced with the actual fully-qualified .xap file name. Here is the example of the usage (note that in this example, the utility must be run from the default folder):

    tcAgPatcher.exe /silent /noBackup "C:\YourSilverlightApplicationFolder\File.xap"

    For more information, refer to the Testing Silverlight 4 Applications help topic.