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12 years ago

Testing same web application on different servers

I'm testing a web front end application, and have two instances of it deployed on two servers. I am recording keyword tests on one, which I would like to be able to run on the other. I can construct the tests to do this quite easily, by having different initial tests, each starting an instance of IE and navigate to a different URL. The issue I am having is tests recorded on one URL are not working on the other as I am getting the 'Object does not exist' when I try to use the click method for an on-screen control. I have name mapping turned on, and the screen object seems to have the same name when the keyword test is investigated. However, in object browser, the high level portion of the full object path is different.

Is there an option in name mapping I am missing? Or am I approaching the issue in the wrong way? Any help gratefully received.

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  • Find the entry in the Name Mapping that contains the URL and wildcard out the part of that that is different. This should allow the Name Mappings to run across servers.