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14 years ago

TestComplete8 does not record some actions

We started using TestComplete a few months ago. We used TestComplete7 and had no problems with recording. We just decided to use TestComplete8 and while evaluating it and recording the same actions as with testComplete7 noticed that it consistently skipped recording some actions such as clicking on a certain link and instead recorded HoverMouse action (it happened with recording both script and Keyword test). As a result it does not replay correctly since the page which should have been displayed after clicking on that link was not displayed. I had to re-record and then it recorded Click action on the cell so playback was OK. HoverMouse was placed everywhere in the script without any reason. Could you, please, explain such inconsistency. Also recording took much more time in TestComplete8 maybe since it was consuming more resources because of Test Visualizer(?).

Thank you.