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8 months ago

TestComplete with Accessibility Tools

We are wanting to use TestComplete with Accessibility tools that recognise speech and also read text from the screen.


Has anyone done this that can offer a way to do it? Particularly provide a way to input speech?


Many Thanks

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    Can you give an example of something that you want to do? I don't think there will be a straightforward way to do this but if you give us examples then we may be able to find workarounds for you.

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    I am second to Marsha.

    TestComplete does not have means to generate speech, neither can it check that generated audio produces correct words. In theory, I can imagine the approach when TestComplete drives, say, Windows Media Player to open some predefined sound file and then intercepts output stream from your tested application to check that expected audio output is generated. However this way looks to be complex, brittle and unreliable.

    If your application can redirect generated audio to file, then you should be able to feed it with predefined sound input files and/or images of text and compare generated output with expected pre-saved outputs.