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2 years ago

Testcomplete runs slow while recording keytest

Hi Community,


I recently started testing with TestComplete version 10. Recording a keytest takes forever. Every click takes forever to process. Good to know I'm working on a VPN.


Is there something I can do besides updating? Because of the delay in recording keytest my company is doubting TestComplete so they do not want to get a new license before knowing it will be 100% effective.


Hopefully someone can help me.


Kind regards,


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    I remember Coded UI was like this, it was painfully slow in identifying UI Objects. I found out it was slow due to having Coded UI on another machine which I remote desktop to. It just didn’t like it.


    Is your TestComplete on another machine? If yes, try to install TestComplete on your local machine instead

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    You can make sure that nothing else is running on that machine except TestComplete and the application under test.  TestComplete has always wanted all the memory it can get.


    For your situation, I would call or email and ask Sales if you could have a free trial of version 15 in support of being allowed to upgrade.