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2 years ago

Testcomplete Jenkins Plugin Session screen resolution with 3440 x 1440

Hello Smarbear Community,


Is it possible to change the session screen resolution in the Jenkins Plugin to 3440 x 1440 (ultrawide support)?


I cant use  Additional command line arguments: with  //lSessionScreenWidth: '"3440"' //lSessionScreenHeight: '"1440"'

because it needs to be at the end of the commandline after /JenkinsTCPluginVersion:2.8.1"'


I really one use the plugin to execute the tests but it needs to be 3440 x 1440 or every test will fail.


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    For MS hosted-agents, you could try adding a task in your automation pipeline to set the screen resolution using a screen resolution utility:


    Example for Azure DevOps pipelines (install screen resolution utility from marketplace):


    - task: ms-autotest.screen-resolution-utility-task.screen-resolution-utlity-task.ScreenResolutionUtility@1
      displayName: 'Set Screen Resolution'
        displaySettings: specific
        width: 3440
        height: 1440
      enabled: true



    Similarly for Jenkins using a plugin called xvfb (see here) and (here)

    wrap([$class: 'Xvfb']) {
      Screen = '3440x1440x24'
      // execute test complete tests


    OR within TestComplete, maximizing the browser window after you launch: 


    Browsers.Item(btChrome).Run("your URL", 2500);




    I would also suggest a solution found in another forum of changing your browser's startup arguments [here].