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2 years ago

Testcomplete is unable to see into the iframes of Qlik applications

Hi, I'm trying to write automated scripts in vbscript to test some applications written in Qlik using the chrome browser.  But testcomplete is unable to see into the iframes.

I tried disabling the security with the --disable-web-security setting, but then the Qlik applications ran very slowly and I get an error message from Qlik saying it has

problems loading the iframes.  So the Qlik applications that I am trying to test won't work correctly if I disable the setting, but it does allow testcomplete to see the objects in the iframe.  So my question is, is there a way to allow testcomplete to see into the iframe without disabling the web security? 

I am using version 15.42.9 x64 of testcomplete.

Anyone's advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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      Yes, I have read that section and applied all of the switches now, but it isn't making any difference.

      The application under test runs slowly when I use the switches and fails to load the iframe data at all.

      So if I don't use the switches testcomplete cannot see into the iframe and if I do use them, then the iframe doesn't load, it appears to timeout instead.  So, it looks like qlik applications cannot be tested with testcomplete, at least when using a chromium browser. I have run out of ideas of what to try next, nothing I have read in the testcomplete documentation has lead to a solution to testing this application.  Any ideas are welcome, otherwise it looks like we will have to use selenium instead.