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8 years ago

TestComplete integration with TFS Source Control 2013



I'm trying TestComplete 12  (trial version) .

I would like to try the TFS Integration, and specially the source control integration with TFS 2013.

I have Visual Studio 2015 on my PC, and testComplete 12.

In the tools Options, i choose "Team Foundation Version Control Plugin", and "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015" as TFVC client. I have mapped a workspace.

I think i have done all the pre requisite.


When i add a project to TFS via "source control" menu, TestComplete let me choose a TFS server, then a TFS Project via pop up: OK, no error .... But after nothing happens in testComplete: all the item in the source menu like checkin/Check out are grayed. I haven't see a checkin pop up.


If I look in TFS Source control, i can see the testComplete Project added, but no check in from testComplete.


-->There is no link from tfs source control with  my testcomplete project.


I try the second option, with MSSCCI provider, and it works, I can see the link with TFS ... 


Any clue ?







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    I just tried pretty much the same process and it worked properly.


    Can you give us some screenshots?  I'm not sure I understand what you mean by links not showing up, no check in from TestComplete, etc.  

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      Thanks for your reply,


      When I add my project to TFS from testcomplete, I have 2 pop-ups:

       - one to choose the server TFS

       - one to choose the project TFS


      After validating the last pop up (project TFS) nothing happens. The pop up disapears and my project explorer doesn't change.


      If I look to TFS control source from Visual studio, I can see that the testcomplete project was added, but not check in .  (+ icon next to the file).


      When i do the same process with the MSCCI driver in TestComplete, after the second pop up, I have a "check in" pop up, and after I have icons next to my file  in the project explorer to show the check out state.


      It seems that Something goes wrong with the "check in"  pop up with the Visual  Studio plugin, I try many times,  but without success.



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        Which file are you checking in?  The MDS and PJS files are the primary project and project suite files for a TestComplete item.  These are the items that actually store the information for the source control tool to be used.  If you're not checking in either of those two files, the icons won't appear in the TestComplete project explorer.