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12 years ago

TestComplete hanging when interacting with madExcept window

Hello, I've recently upgraded to TestComplete 9.20 and I'm having an issue relating to the third party exception capturing software 'madExcept' which is used in our tested app. 

When the madExceptWndClass window is generated for the first time, Test Complete  hangs when it interacts with the window. This occurs if the window is interacted wtih during a test play back or test recording. Test complete also hangs if you attempt to view the window in the object browser. The madExceptWndClass can still be interacted with outside of TestComplete, and once dismissed TestComplete will return to executing test steps at a reasonable speed.

The real quirk is that if the madExceptWndClass window is generated a second time, TestComplete doesn't hang. Test steps involving the window run at a slightly slower rate than normal but they do run, I can also view the window in the object browser.

Is there any known issues invloving madExcept? The version of madExcept is version 4.0.5( released in september), our test app is a 32 bit application and is compiled with Delphi XE3.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Steven,


    Could you please follow the steps below to help our Support Team investigate the issue:


    1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe.


    2. Select the "Launch/attach to TestComplete" option.


    3. Run another instance of the Report Generator tool.


    4. Select the "Track application launch" option, specify your application executable name and click Next. The Report Generator tool will wait until the application is launched and then will track all events in it.


    5. Reproduce the problem.


    6. Click the "Generate..." button in all instances of the Report Generator tool and save reports to a local folder.


    7. Send the reports to our team via our Contact Support form (