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6 months ago

TestComplete freezes during debugging

I have a problem with TestComplete ( x64) and debugging Object variables.


I have declared 2 vars (type = object)

- CheckClientRegistratieData [Local]

- CheckClientRegistraties [Local]


CheckClientRegistratieData : { <data (simple types like strings)>  }

CheckClientRegistraties: { Registratie1: ....Variables.CheckClientRegistratieData } (= object in an object)


While I'm running+debugging and trying to open / watch / debug the Locals (vars) TestComplete freezes. I've tried this on 2 different Windows machines and both stop working. I cannot find any logging in de Windows Event logger. TestComplete needs to be restarted, this will work but the next time exactly the same problem reoccurs. If I don't debug/watch (open the object variable) the problem doesn't happen but this is not a very convenient way of working with TestComplete. Would be better to show an error or of course if debugging is just possible like expected.


See my added gif for the demo.


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Gert Nierop