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6 years ago

TestComplete / LoadComplete / LicenseManager / TestExecute

Hi all,

Hopefully this is the correct place for this, but I couldn't really see somewhere else suitable to post this.

We are looking to implement and use the above mentioned pieces of software, we have the below -


TestComplete with Floating User Licenses (x2)
TestExecute (2x license)
LoadComplete Node-Locked - 1,000 virtual users

At the moment we plan on installing TestComplete and License Manager on a virtual machine which from looking at the documentation I believe will be ok?


TestExecute - this will likely be installed on user machines

With regards to LoadComplete, we have a Node-Locked license which advises that the software needs to be installed on a physical machine due to the license type.  My question is why?  What limitations does the Node Locked license have, that means it can't be installed on a virtual machine? 

Can anyone for see any problems with the above?

TestComplete and License Manager on a virtual machine
LoadComplete on physical machine
TestExecute on user machines


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    License manager needs to be installed on a non-VM box for the same reason that node-locked licenses need to be installed on non-VM machines.  The license is linked to MAC addresses and such which, due to the nature of VM's, can shift and change.


    As for your machine configurations... it seems a bit odd to have TestExecute on the user machines and TestComplete on the virtual machines.  What's the purpose behind this?  See, TestComplete is the development environment tool for developing your automated test cases.  TestExecute is simply the execution engine.

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    I would recommend you to read the help section.

    In a nutshell:

    -- License Manager must (should?) be installed on the physical machine and you must register your Floating licenses there before installing TestComplete/TestExecute;

    -- Node-locked license is bound to the hardware which might be changed in the case of virtual machine (network card id, etc.). Thus LoadComplete must be installed on the physical machine as well;

    -- Floating license is consumed from the License Manager and thus TestComplete/TestExecute can be installed on any machine that can communicate with the one that has License Manager installed.