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8 months ago

Test skipping steps without any errors (BDD, Desktop)

I have an issue where certain parts of my Desktop app tests are not executing, there are not errors in the log and they don't even appear in there. I am using scenarios. One example is a feature file that uses the sames steps for the the 3 scenarios contained in it and certain data is changed during each.

The first scenario runs fine every time, but the others don't more often than not some of the actions don't happen. It's as if TestComplete does't even know the steps exist.


I have modular keyword tests that do one or actions each. I have tried to add a delay before the action to slow things down but the delay runs and the skipped action is still skipped. they run correctly maybe 2 out of 5 times. 


Has anyone experienced anything like this? if so have you found a fix? 

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    From what I’ve seen, personally, inconsistency usually occur when I have not delayed performing the next action. For example, not waiting for a notification dialog to appear/disappear when loading in data. You also need to ensure that it starts at a particular point/state before performing the tests. To resolve these sort of issues is to debug and step through your code, study the behaviour of the application under test, and modify the scripts appropriately.