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14 years ago

Test complete VS TFS Branching and merging


I am automating web application using Test Complete 7x. We are three memebers team developing scripts for different modules of the application using 3 test Complete Clients. I successfully integrated Test Complete with TFS and able to check in and check out. Now 3 of us want to create a project suite to share the common code.

Can you please provide me solution on TFS branching and merging feature to work multiple developers on the same project suite?

Is it possible for multiple developers can share the common project suite using test complete and TFS?

Please help me on this.



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  • Hello Sound,

    Yes, it is possible. However, since many TestComplete project files are XML files, the changes cannot be merged correctly in most cases.

    So, it is recommended to avoid using multiple checkout for non-script files. At that, you can check out only the elements you need to update, not the entire project suite. As a result, different people can work with different elements of the same project suite.

    Please read more about this in the Teamwork help topic: