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12 years ago

Test Complete Log Deleting

Hi all, 

I am looking for a way to delete test complete logs that are in memory. Let me explain. I have a project that will be running non-stop all the time and each day at a set time it will have some tests to run. I have no problem doing this kind of loop, but I do not want the logs to accumulate overtime. I would like the logs to be saved to disk everyday after the tests are done and the logs that are in memory to be deleted so that they don't fill up the machines memory and all.  How would I go about doing this?  

(BTW: I know many of you will tell me to have test complete start and stop through an external means like windows task manager, but I cannot do this as some highly classified credentials are used to log in to certain areas and one of the requirements is for the credentials to not be written to disk, so test complete must continue running once they are entered).

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    Hi Louis-Philippe, You can try disabling Events posting to the Test Log. This reduces memory consumption: Log.LockEvents() See the "LockEvents Method" article for details. Also, splitting your test into individual test items will help you reduce the log size. Please see the "Tests and Test Items" article for additional information. In this case, TestComplete will create test logs for each test item reducing memory consumption.
  • Thanks for replying, but the Log.LockEvents() doesn't quite cut it in my case, as each time I want to start logging, I don't want the past events still there. I don't think Test Complete can do what I want it to do so I went another route and created an external piece of software that will launch each instance of test complete every day thus starting a new log each time withough appending to other days. This seems to be my best bet on this problem.