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2 years ago

Test Complete is not capturing events (On screen Actions) in Test Results (Test Log)

Last week I realized that Test Complete is not capturing the events (On screen Actions) when running my scripts, previously this was working fine but after upgrading TestComplete to version 15.20.341.7 and applying a major update to my project this is not working anymore, I can only see in the Test Log the Checkpoints and messages that I added for each script (screenshot attached)


Probably I updated something in the configuration after the update of my project but haven't found a solution for the same, I even compared the configurations for my old and new projects but cannot find something different, could you please let me know if you have a solution for this?

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  • Hi aamonto!


    May you provide a screenshot of the entire log section for us to take a look?


    There is a column that can be enabled called 'Has Picture' that will indicate if any screenshots have been taken. I would be interested to know if that column is blank or not. For instance, below is what my default setup looks like for log files. 


    There is also a setting to enable/disable images taken during test runs found in 'Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Visualizer'. You may check the status of these settings as well.


    Lastly, in case it's just an issue with the docking, you can restore default docking layout by going to 'View -> Desktop -> Restore Default Docking'. 


    I hope this helps!

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      Hi npaisley,


      I just restored the docking layout using the "Restore Default Docking" option, but nothing changed, please find below the screenshot of the entire Test Log screen, the issue is not the picture or screenshot, the problem is that all the steps that are usually displayed as "Events" are not displayed in the Log, in the screenshot you can see that the log is not filtered so these steps should be displayed but they aren't:



      I already reviewed the configuration in the "Tools -> Current Project Properties -> Visualizer" menu and it has the same configuration than yours:



      Another example of this situation with a different script:


      Scripts results before the issue (all the event steps are displayed):

      Scripts results after to the issue (all the event steps are NOT displayed and only the checkpoint are shown in the log):

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        Hi aamonto,


        I'm sorry for the confusion, I understand now what you are having issues with.


        Unfortunately there are not really any options to enable/disable posting of Events to the log within TC's UI.


        Although, we do have a method to do this in scripts, the 'Log.LockEvents' method. Using this will allow checkpoints and basic log messages to pass, but will block all of the Events that occur to avoid consuming too much memory.


        Here is the doc for this method just in case this may be the root cause;


        Is it possible that maybe the 'Log.LockEvents' method is present in your script somewhere?


        If not, are you using any event handlers in your tests? You can also disable events with flags for event handlers, such as 'Log.Enabled=false'.