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4 years ago

Test Complete does not Find Itumes on Windows even if installed and running

Everything is installed properly for Windows 10 x64 but TestComplete cannot see ITunes even if the application is running and seeing my IPhone 12  
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    4 years ago



    Just to be on the safe side:

    -- Did you install *desktop* version of iTunes from Apple site but not from Windows store? (Like it is documented in the article that you've referenced?)

    -- According to my understanding of the documentation, only drivers provided by iTunes are required and direct interaction between TestComplete and iTunes application is not assumed for iOS testing. So, is it a real showstopper that TestComplete does not detect iTunes application? Did you completed preparation of both computer with TestComplete and iOS device? Can TestComplete connect to the device and display its screen using the Show Mobile Screen button?


    P.S. Check that the filter in the Object Browser (leftmost buttons on its toolbar) is not set to Show Tested Applications Only mode.