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10 years ago

Test Complete 10.60 is ... well... Hanging

I have created a really, really, really easy test. launch a batch file Which loads an app Which displays an OK button. After clicking OK, make sure the window is correct...then exit   Easy, rig...
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    9 years ago

    Are you pausing the test before you set the focus manually?  If you start clicking around on things (like in your video) while TC is still trying to run the test, it will become confused and not do anything at all.  


    As far as the popup goes, are you using WaitChild or something similar to look for the OK button?  TC can get ahead of the app.  Even though the button is there on the UI, the object may be slow in loading.  I suggest a wait of some sort, then when the button Exists, set focus on it, then Click.

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    9 years ago

    Put it right after Run TestedApp so it happens before the ClickButton.


    Scroll down to the "From keyword tests" section in here to see how to set it up.